Our Story

Be A Part Of Our Creative Pet Family World

At MetalPaw, we share the same unconditional love you do towards your pet. After all, our furry pals are the ones who keep us company best, right?

That’s why we also feel close to you. As a part of the same community, we appreciate all pet parents. Not to mention, share all your fun, jolly, and heartfelt experiences.

No matter the pet, the love we share is one and the same. We’re all in this happy pet world together.

Express your pet love through unique and creative artwork.

Everything we do always aims for your utmost satisfaction. Our end goal at MetalPaw is to bring to life this special bond you share with your pets.

Through our exclusive design, we seek to provide exceptional and personalized artwork. It’s a unique and memorable way to express your pet-parent love.

Via top-quality customer service, our end goal is to bring you a flawless experience. And most importantly, to make the most out of you and your pet’s loving connection.

We’d love to materialize your joyful bond and hope to make a positive contribution to your story.

Let's make sure the love you feel for your pet comes to life Let's make sure the love you feel for your pet comes to life